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The Smurfs And The Magic Flute

Directed byOriginal version:
Jose Dutillieu
Eddie Lateste
English version:
John Rust
Produced by Original version:
Jose Dutilieu
English version:
Roger Guertin Written by Original version:
Peyo (based on his original Smurfs characters)
Yvan Delporte
English version:
John Rust


English version

  • Cam Clarke as Peewit
  • Durga McBroom
  • Patty Foley
  • Grant Gottschall
  • Mike Reynolds
  • Ted Lehman
  • Bill Capizzi
  • Ron Gans
  • X. Phifer
  • Dudly Knight
  • John Rust
  • Richard Miller
  • David Page
  • Robert Axelrod
  • Michael Sorich
  • Richard Ashley
  • Ed Devereaux
  • Harry Dickman
  • Paul Felber
  • Michael Fields
  • Kalman Glass
  • Stuart Lock
  • Anna Mackeown
  • Vernon Morris
  • Bill Owen
  • Richard Pescud
  • Yael O’Dwyer
Peyo signature

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Music by Michel Legrand

Editing by Nebiha Ben Milad & Michèle Neny

Distributed by Atlantic Releasing (U.S. theatrical),
Vestron Video (VHS)
Release dates 1976 (Belgium)
November 25, 1983 (U.S.)
Running time 74 min.

Country Belgium
Language French

When I was 9 I loved the smurfs, I think that the love affair started because of BP, as they used to have the little figurines that you would get free when buying fuel. I must have had a hundred of those little guys. Little did I know then that the smurfs had been around since the 1950s in Belgian comic books or that the German company Schleich had been making those figurines for almost just as long. The smurfs may have been just a short-lived fad in the English-speaking world but they are huge in Europe. I must say that the smurf comic books that I have read seen to be pretty good and that it is a shame that so few have been translated into English.

My Dad must have loved us kids a lot, as when I was 9 he took us to Clayton drive in to watch The Smurfs And The Magic Flute. Unfortunately for us then, we got mixed up with the times and it wasn’t actually playing at the time that we arrived and we had to go home without seeing it, but the fact that my Dad was willing to take us to see such a horrible film is testament to his love for his children. I wouldn’t have done it. I think that today’s parents are blessed that they can take their kids to see animated movies and are also guaranteed to be entertained themselves, but in the 80s all animated films were strictly just for kids.

I guess that if I had of seen this movie when I was 9 I would have enjoyed it, as 9 year olds are happy just to see images moving up and down on a screen and enjoy anything. Then again this film is not the same as the smurfs TV show and actually predates it by a number of years. This film was made in Belgium in 1976 and was directed by the creator of the smurfs, Peyo, whilst the American smurfs TV show didn’t start until the mid-80s. This film wasn’t released into the English-speaking world until 1983. The voice cast is horrible, the actors are different from the ones who did the voices in the American series. It seems almost as if when translating it into the English language they decided to give the characters the most annoying voices possible. The animation is Ok by 1970s standards but the songs featured in the film is horrible.

I see that this has just been released onto DVD here in Australia but I suggest that parents avoid this like the plague. Even if they are at all nostalgic for the smurfs avoid this at all costs and instead look for the DVD box sets of the TV series which can also be found.

By the way I have seen the trailer for the smurfs movie that is coming out next year. It looks like soon The Smurfs And The Magic Flute won’t be the worst smurfs movie ever made.

I do recommend that you buy the Smurfs graphic novels which can be pre-purchased from Amazon.