Movie Posters

Here are some cool movie posters. (Well I found them interesting anyway.) It’s funny how a good poster can make you want to watch even the worst movie. (Not saying any of these movies are bad by the way.)

The Thing With Two Heads

I have seen The Thing With Two Heads before and if I could find a copy I would definitely watch it. How could I not want to watch it again?


Ebony, Ivory And Jade

Ebony, Ivory and Jade was the inspiration for Fox Force 5, the TV pilot that was talked about in Pulp Fiction.

I wonder why they never make any  more interacial women in Filipino prison kung-fu movies any more.

Wasp Woman

Roger Corman’s Wasp Woman is a film I haven’t seen and I wonder if it is as comic booky as the poster looks.


Glen Or Glenda

People may say that Glen Or Glenda is so bad it’s good but they are lying. I found it quite boring, except for Lugosi’s bizarre ramblings about snails and puppy dog’s tails.






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