Daily Archives: June 11, 2010

Movies To See

I have decided that this winter I am going to get out and see a few movies. I think that the last time that I went to the cinema was back in February to see Avatar. I do plan to see Toy Story 3 and perhaps Shrek Forever After, but there are a few other films that I would like to see too, that won’t be shown at the local Village or Hoyts multiplex.

The ACMI cinemas are showing a lot of old horror films this winter. I think that it is to correspond with the Tim Burton exhibition that they will have and that these are all either films that inspired Burton or simply films he likes. Tickets are all $14.

I may be able to see the 1941 version of The Wolfman next Friday at 9.30pm, if I finish work a little early.

On Friday July 9th at 7.30 Todd Browning’s Freaks is screening. This is a movie I have always wanted to see but I don’t think that I will be able to make the screening due to work.

On Saturday July 10th at 2pm, Ray Harryhausen’s Jason and the Arognauts will be screening, while on the same day at 4:15 it will be Frankenstein.

On Saturday July 17th Forbidden Planet with Robbie the Robot is on, which will satisfy my current fetish for 1950s sci-fi. It’s screening at 2pm.

Melbourne Docklands are also screening free movies under the stars on their big screen. This Monday they have Citizen Kane while upcoming films include Goldfinger, North By Northwest, Rear Window, Some Like It Hot, Dr. No, Westside Story, Return Of The Pink Panther and Bridge On The River Kwai. If it is not too cold or pouring with rain I will definitely try to see a free of these films.