I’m Back!!!

I will be back this week again doing this stupid blog. I won’t be trying to kill myself with the stupid schedule I had before my hiatus by trying to post a movie review every day. Maybe I will just do two or three a week. See, I told you that I would eventually get bored of this thing but at least I am not completely giving up on it. By the way, if anyone has any requests of movies they want me to review, feel free to tell me if/when you leave a comment. More than likely I will ignore your request but I do enjoy the feedback. Anyway I do have the next movie that I want to watch all worked out and I will try to get that review up over the weekend. For those wanting to know what it is, you’ll have to wait, but as a clue I will tell you that it came out in the last twelve months and is animated, but is not computer animated. That should narrow things down a little bit!

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