Daily Archives: March 26, 2010

The Hiatus

You may have realised that I haven’t exactly been updating this blog over the last couple of weeks. You may think that I have failed in my efforts to watch and review a movie a day for the entire year and that I have simply given up. Well, I haven’t given up, it’s just that I have had a little hiatus for the last couple of weeks and that it won’t be until mid-April that things will be sorted out. As I stated a while ago our place was severely damaged by the recent Melbourne hailstorm. Our roof was damaged and water leaked into the apartment. There is still no electricity in the bedrooms which makes it difficult to watch a DVD or even use the computer. I have found ways to get around this but it is not always going to be perfect.

Another reason this has not been updated is that my Mum has recently been in hospital for an operation which naturally had me worried. With my Mother-in-law arriving tonight for a three week stay I do not think that I will be doing much blogging before mid-April.