February’s Over, Bring On March

Another month down and I am still as keen as ever to keep this thing up. During February I saw some really great films. I think that the films that I watched during this month were generally of a higher quality than those I watched in January. Some of the movies that I watched during this month were all-time classics.

Alfred Hitchcock was my director of choice this month, as I watched six of his films. Of those North By Northwest was the most enjoyable but I also liked Rear Window, The 39 Steps, Foreign Correspondent and The Wrong Man a lot. Spellbound was a good movie as well even though Ingrid Bergman spouting off psychoanalytical jargon every time she opens her mouth is a bit distracting.If you have never watched a Hitchcock film then I dare say that it is time that you did as his work is just so enjoyable. The Third Man is another enjoyable British film that features a lot of Hitchcockian elements, as well as fine performances by Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles.

The funniest film that I saw during February was probably The Court Jester, but I did like School Of Rock too. Other fine comedy films include Francis and Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein  whilst Chaplin’s The Kid is a bit more sentimental than funny, although there are a few humourous sequences. The General was another Buster Keaton film that I was disappointed with, just like I was with Steamboat Bill Jr. last month. The General worked more as a historical drama than as a comedy, in my opinion. I also found that while Sailor Beware was funny, it was just typical of most standard Martin & Lewis comedies.

  1. Invictus – Recommended
  2. The Simpsons Movie – Recommended
  3. The Wrong Man – Recommended
  4. Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein – Highly Recommended
  5. The Third Man – Very Highly Recommended
  6. Mystery Of The Wax Museum – Recommended
  7. A Night In Casablanca – Recommended
  8. The 39 Steps – Highly Recommended
  9. Foreign Correspondent – Highly Recommended
  10. Avatar – Very Highly Recommended
  11. The Return Of Frank James – Recommended
  12. Clash Of The Titans – Recommended
  13. The Incredible Shrinking Man – Very Highly Recommended
  14. Spartacus – Highly Recommended
  15. Spellbound – Recommended
  16. The Court Jester – Highly Recommended
  17. Born Free – Highly Recommended
  18. Francis – Recommended
  19. Sailor Beware – Recommended for Martin & Lewis fans only
  20. The Kid – Recommended
  21. Grease – Recommended
  22. The General – Recommended
  23. Rear Window – Very Highly Recommended
  24. School Of Rock – Highly Recommended
  25. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo – Recommended
  26. North By Northwest – Very Highly Recommended
  27. Bad Day At Black Rock – Highly Recommended
  28. Pulp Fiction – Very Highly recommended

The films that I enjoyed the most would be North By Northwest, Pulp Fiction, The Third Man and  The Incredible Shrinking Man, with Avatar rounding out the top 5.

I also must note that my review writing skills have actually gone backwards as time goes by. I often find that after watching a film I am lost with what I want to say and that thinking about what I want to write can affect my enjoyment of the chosen film. I still am going to stick with this thing and maybe if I get a chance I will rewrite what I have written in my reviews. I do acknowledge that most review writers make more than one draft of what they write while I mostly just write what is on the top of my head.

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