Random Thoughts

I am trying to become a bit more organised in the way that I do this thing. I know that what I have done for the last month and a bit is to randomly pick a DVD or a movie to watch, but I think that I am going to have to develop more of a system. Most of the movies that I have viewed seem to have been made in the 1950s, while I haven’t watched too many films made since the 1970s. If I really want to eventually compare films from different eras I need to have to watch a broader range of films to have any credibility. I do have a list of some films that I really want to watch, and I will list them here, but I may not get around to watching any of these until December so please bear with me.

Here’s a list of movies I plan to watch…

    • Rear Window
    • Psycho
    • Casablanca
    • Avatar
    • Citizen Kane
    • Titanic
    • Gladiator
    • M
    • Frankenstein
    • Dracula
    • Blazing Saddles
    • A Night At The Opera
    • The Great Dictator
    • The Wrestler
    • Slumdog Millionaire
    • Bride Of Frankenstein
    • The Sound Of Music
    • Fantasia
    • Notorious
    • This Is Spinal Tap
    • The Blues Brothers
    • Foreign Correspondent
    • Rebecca
    • They Died With Their Boots On
    • Captain Blood
    • Tora Tora Tora
    • 30 Seconds Over Tokyo
    • 12 Angry Men
    • To Kill A Mockingbird
    • The Court Jester
    • Wall E
    • Shrek
    • Forrest Gump
    • The Great Escape
    • Shadow Of A Doubt
    • Blackmail
    • The Greatest Show On Earth
    • High Noon
    • School Of Rock
    • Frost/Nixon
    • The General
    • The Nutty Professor
    • The Time Machine
    • Phantom Of The Opera
    • An American Werewolf In London
    • The Bicycle Thief
    • Metropolis
    • Shoulder Arms
    • Birth Of A Nation
    • Gallipoli
    • The Blue Dahlia
    • Shane
    • The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
    • Le Mans
    • Rocky
    • The Last Waltz
    • A Hard Days Night
    • Bambi
    • A Day At The Races
    • Jason And The Argonauts
    • Dial M For Murder
    • Mary Poppins
    • Dr. Strangelove
    • The Pink Panther
    • Harold And Maude
    • Blackmail
    • Picnic At Hanging Rock
    • The Castle
    • There’s Something About Mary
    • Billy Elliott
    • Flying High (AKA Airplane!)
    • Kenny
    • Battleground
    • Spellbound
    • Saving Private Ryan
    • Pirates Of The Caribbean – Curse Of The Black Pearl
    • Coraline
    • Old Yeller
    • Fantastic Mr. Fox
    • The Man Who Knew Too Much (both versions
    • Toy Story 3
    • The 39 Steps
    • The Seven Samurai
    • Modern Times
    • At The Circus
    • Shrek 2
    • Duck Soup
    • Lady And The Tramp
    • Raging Bull
    • Boys Town
    • The Legend Of Zenda
    • Sparticus
    • The Godfather
    • Being There
    • Meet The Parents
    • Vertigo
    • North By Northwest
    • The Lion King
    • The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre
    • The Big Sleep

      THis is just 100 of the 365 movies (36 already viewed) that I hope to see this year!

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