Well, that wasn’t so hard…

My first film is out of the way and I’d like to say that it wasn’t too difficult to write up that first review. I’d like to say that but in reality it was much more difficult than I anticipated. Not only did I have to watch the film itself, but the write up took me over two hours to do, and even then I was not completely happy with it. I did make a few revisions of the post before I put it up on the blog and feel that it is now actually presentable. I do hope that you enjoy what I have written, but if not remember that this project is an exercise in which one of my aims is to improve my writing, so don’t be too harsh. Hopefully by December 31st I will have finally gotten the hang of this thing and my writing will be much improved.

I do want to take this opportunity just to make a couple of statements. Firstly I want to let everyone know that when I watch a DVD I do so in the way the film companies intended, on my TV screen. I really don’t understand these people who watch DVDs on their computers at all. I have tried to watch movies on my computer but it just doesn’t feel right.

The final point I’d like to make is about how I choose the movies that I want to watch and review. To be honest I guess that my choices will be quite haphazard and that there are no real criteria involved in my choices. I don’t want to make this project to be more of a chore than it should be as I really want to enjoy the movies that I watch. Perhaps I will make one concession and try to theme my movies around particular dates, such as watching horror movies around Halloween, war movies around Remembrance Day and gulp, romance movies around Valentine’s Day. Actually Chinese New Year is on the 14th of February so I may be able to weasel my way out of watching any romance movies by watching a Kung Fu flick. Heh heh heh!

Anyway, now that the first post is out of the way writing this blog should get easy. Now for movie number 2…

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