Monthly Archives: December 2009

Please allow me to introduce myself…

Firstly an introduction. My name is Millsie and I live in Melbourne Australia. I am in my mid-thirties and I have started this blog an experiment to see just how disciplined I can be. This blog is a way to see whether I can actually see this project of watching 365 movies in a year and chronicling the experience on this blog, through to the end. I also want to use this blog as a way to improve my own writing, which I believe needs a lot of improvement. I am making this blog for my own self improvement, which probably is a very selfish reason indeed. If other people read this thing and enjoy it that’s just an added bonus and I will be extremely flattered.

The basic premise of this blog is that for an entire year I will watch a movie a day and write about the experience. While this may sound like an easy enough task that I have set for myself I feel that it may spiral out of control. Sometimes I can be the laziest person in the world and I wonder if in two weeks time I will still be doing this or whether I will have given up completely. We will see.

As you may have gathered I am someone who likes going to the cinema or picking up a DVD to watch. I have a pretty large collection of DVDs, some of which I have never watched. Hopefully by doing this blog I will be motivated enough to watch all of those films this year.

There is also another reason for doing this blog. I feel that a lot of classic films that I love are quickly being forgotten. Many classic films no longer get shown on television, while most people my age and younger just flock to the latest big budget blockbusters. I would like to hopefully get people interested in these older films but that doesn’t mean that I would watch and review newer movies. Maybe another ulterior motive of mine in doing this thing is to try to convince myself that the latest movies are not just forgettable big budget, high-tech films that have no heart or soul.

I will also try to watch as many different genres of movies as I can. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, while I would love to watch movies of my favourite genres, namely Hitchcock thrillers or Walt Disney animated films, I doubt that people would only like to read about these movies. Secondly, I figure that I need to expand my own viewing habits and maybe watch other genres like musicals and even gasp, romantic comedies as well.

Lastly, I thought long and hard about whether I would give the movies that I watch a rating, but figured that this would be a real wankish thing to do. Hopefully by the tone of my writing you will be able to tell as to whether I like a film or not, whilst at the end of the review I will tell you whether I recommend you see the particular film or not. Anyway, taste in films is a really subjective thing. I know that if the film reviewer in one of our weekend newspapers hates a movie then I am sure to like it, and if he loves a move then I am bound to hate it. I really just want to write about my feelings about each film and to tell of my experiences with this whole project. Hopefully it will be an informal thing with no star ratings from a pompous no-it-all reviewer telling the reader how they should feel about a particular film.

Tomorrow is January 1 and will see my first post about a particular film. I am looking forward to tackling this challenge. I would like to take this opportunity to thank anyone who reads this blog and hope you aren’t too judgemental of my writing as I can be a little self-conscious at times.

And now for the first of 365 movies. I wonder what it will be.